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Shimao Kuanhouli Jinan
From the black tiger spring to Shimao Kuanhouli Jinan, in Shimao Kuanhouli Jinan characteristics of street view to eat a local snack. Come out from kuanhouli and stroll directly to furong street, a foodie street in jinan where you can have lunch.
Qushuiting Street
Follow Furong Street to go northward all the time, not far is Qushuiting Street and hind zai men street on the east side, it is old street, every household is weeping willow, every family spring water is the scene here, leisure time can come down to drink a cup of spring water to make tea, very good, can relax the mood.
Daming Lake
Baihua Pool is also worth a stroll around, and the north side of baihuazhou is xia yuhe's hometown.Daming Lake, that is Emperor qianlong are very much enjoy the place, must go . By the way, the daming lake, which is composed of pools of spring water, is also ice-free. It has the best water quality and is worth a look.
Baotu Spring
In the time of a day in jinan, want to eat well and play well, it is suggested to see Baotu Spring first, here is "the best spring water in the world", is also many people's childhood memories. Since needless to say, here to see baotu spring three springs in the true appearance, looking for childhood learning baotu spring that text memory, experience different from the text baotu spring. East gate (main gate) cross the road to quancheng square, along the south moat to black tiger spring.
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